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Humbled by his own history of blood cancer in 2001 and been declared cured after 5 years, Dr Noordin has decided to be a full time Wellness Crusader using simple wellness medicine.He knew that many healing modalities work on either the Beta levels or conscious level (seen). Some work on the Alpha / Theta or the subconscious level (unseen) but there’s also the Delta level or the unconscious level that is usually forgotten in many forms of treatment. Combining all these three elements together, he created a complete and wholesome wellness product for himself and for others to share.Rx17 is among the best and the latest of his offer to help as many people as possible. He believes strongly that for every disease there is a cure. His famous tagline is “if you think wellness is expensive, try illness”.This amazing discovery present the incorporation of 7 levels of healing:

  • Conscious (Awareness)
  • Conscious (Unawareness)
  • Subconscious Alpha Level
  • Subconscious Theta Level
  • Unconscious Delta Level
  • Miracles (Beyond Current Human Understanding Level)
  • God’s level. The Highest, The Ultimate, The All Encompassing.

Rx17 works on the informational level and can also affect issues on the energetic biochemical & structural levels. It helps to rectify the “INFORMATIONAL IMBALANCE” of your self healing system.The whole is none than the sum of its parts and state. Your whole is the sum of its parts plus all the connected informational components. For example, you are not the only sum of the physiology biochemistry and physical energies that constitute you but also your thoughts and emotion, your life-history and experiences, genetics, environment and your surrounding aura, lifestyle, etc.Rx17 is at its best when you are ready to heal yourself; SELF HEALING SYSTEM (SHS).Rx17 is more than just radionic, electronic or resonance based programming or coding and is not just an ordinary energized mineral water that is already in the market.Based on verified new principles, Rx17 accesses the energetic and informational realm where it is possible to provide balance for the Mind, Body and Soul.Rx17 is World first drinking water which uses a hybrid of Rx-Water Aura Healing Vibration technology and Informational therapy focusing on 17 groups of “INFORMATIONAL INTENTIONS” that works best at the level of our hearts (SHS).
Each Rx17 bottle is carefully prepared in a GMP factory licenced by WorldWellness Network.

DISCLAIMER.Rx17 is NOT a medicine. We do not recommend substituting this therapy for the professional services of a medical doctor. Please consult your doctor first especially for those under medical supervision.
You are fully responsible for any results of using Rx17. We make no guarantees that Rx17 will work for everybody and there are strictly no claims of cure.

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